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June 24, 2009

THE RIF: Things Should be so Transparent

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RIF, the land of heroes, civilization and much more to say, has turned to a stage on which some actors perform their strange outlandish skills. Indeed, one would wonder how those politicians make work their projects.

The majority of people in RIF, as in many parts of Morocco, lead to a very harsh life as a result of the deliberated marginalization of the Jackobian policy. The latter has always aimed at excluding and eradicating all what is known as diversity, which is deeply rooted in the Moroccan social imaginary. What is more is that this policy’s goal is to assault, embrace and then at the end to ravish all this richness which, we normally, should be proud of.

With the beginning of 1950, the rifians have not given any chance to take part in the process of developing their region. Furthermore, the central regime has turned a deaf ear to the RIF’s citizens and they have not taken into consideration their contribution in the independence of Morocco. In fact, the blood which blew out of the veins of the rifians has been utterly forgotten. It’s a complete shame not to give honor to these giants people who led a fierce resistance against the imperial colonialism for the sake of this beloved country.

It’s only recently that the central regime has, to some extent, changed their old policy and seemed to be flexible in tackling RIF’s issues. This attempt is probably meant to hurdle the crucial cause which is concrete and fair reconciliation. Obviously the regime has failed to get rid of the gross violations committed in the past. Undoubtedly, to reconcile with RIF, the regime should candidly take into account the following claims:

Reconsider the fundamental role of the rifians’ resistance against imperialism.

– Fair treatment of the violations committed in the past.

Implement good governance in the RIF region.

Recognition of Amazigh identity and culture.

Official recognition of Amazigh language.

The above mentioned claims, in addition to many others like sustainable development are the most tough challenges that the Moroccan regime faces today. Unless the regime has a frank intention to put an end to all sorts of marginalization and inequality, it is impossible to talk about any kind of development and democracy.

To sum up all what we have stated above, it is incumbent upon us; citizens, media, civil society and political actors to work hand in hand so we can change the situation for the better and bring prosperity to the RIF community. This, of course, will never come all of sudden, but it requires perseverance, struggle and most of all confidence.


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